a gallery of computer-generated images

The Caretaker


The best Bryce image I never made.

The real problem with this image is that all the best material is someone else's. It consists of a number of products from Daz3D thrown together in a single scene. The 'suspended animation tube' and the backdrop are by Stonemason, while the male figure in the foreground is dressed in Lourdes Mercado's Shadow Dancer clothing. I did exactly zero original texturing or modelling. I posed the figures, lit the scene, and set up the camera. That's all.

Talk about standing on the shoulders of giants.

Granted, most of the images in this gallery owe most of whatever impact they have to the work of more talented people, starting with the authors of the modelling and ray-tracing software that I use, so perhaps it's wise not to dig too deep in this direction anyway. But this image does seem to be an extreme example.

As to the actual image, there's probably something creepy about the naked woman suspended in a glass tube, if you care to look at it that way (the nudity is probably gratuitous but not especially titillating). The image might have been more interesting if the roles were reversed. Science-fiction movies are full of naked people in glass tubes (Alice in "Resident Evil: Apocalypse", Ripley in "Alien Resurrection", Johnny Rico in "Starship Troopers" are the ones that come to mind) but for some inexplicable reason they usually seem to be female. Can't think why that should be.

OK, nice image, but not very original on any count.


Bryce 5.5
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