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The Driving Seat


Another spinoff of the unsuccessful HiveMind series, this image evolved gradually and only started to take shape properly with the addition of a seated Poser figure. The figure is actually a standard Poser 2 male nude, entirely unmodified: all the apparent complexity of the figure comes from the surface material and lighting. The material is based on standard preset textures (two procedural, and one Wenger picture) distributed with Bryce. By a happy accident, not only does it respond well to lighting, but the raised and inset areas fit well with the body parts.

The 'helmet' is a simple sphere with a glass material applied, and reflects two of the lights illuminating the scene - blue and red radial lights placed either side and in front of the seated figure. A third light illuminates the figure's torso and legs from below.

The 'cockpit' area in which the figure sits is composed from Booleaned primitives. The seat is a free form shape made in Ray Dream Studio. The control handle in the figure's right hand is made from various primitives.

There are lots of things wrong with this - the figure's position is very unnatural (it's actually seated with its legs pulled up in a posture that would be very hard for any male human to maintain for any length of time) and the spherical fishbowl helmet is a little silly. I thought of replacing it with a more complex modelled helmet, but the effect of the reflections was attractive enough that I decided to leave it as it is.


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