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Stealth Insertion


This scene was originally intended to be the backdrop for a figure study. After a while, I decided that while the image as a whole wasn't really working, the background scene had something going for it. I deleted the foreground figure, focused on the ship and added a few soldiers.

The landing pad model used for the scene has a circular railing that was obscuring some parts of the scene I wanted to show. Unfortunately, the railing is not modeled separately. I couldn't simply make the element invisible to get rid of it. I tried selecting the surfaces for the rail and its supporting stanchions and setting Cutout Opacity to 0.0. However, that didn't work either, because I used Atmocam2 to make the scene misty and something about the invisible railing interacted with the shaders of the atmospheric volume, leaving a ghostly trace on the image. I finally ended up using the Geometry Editor to delete the parts of the model that I didn’t want.


DAZ|Studio 4.15
Photoshop CC 2021