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Suiting Up


So much for my plan of creating images that don't contain gratuitously naked or semi-naked young women.

The usual process of playing around with dials and mixing-and-matching presets led me to this character. In a moment of weakness, I decided to leave her in a state of undress. I decided that perhaps she was in the process of getting into her spacesuit, which can be seen on a rack behind her.

The spacesuit is assembled from pieces from several models, while the rack was made from DZFire's useful Nurnies Greebles Parts and Pieces set. Mec4D's PBS Iray shaders are used to texture the objects making up the rack.

To reinforce the idea that my heroine is caught in the middle of some kind of emergency, I added a second figure, who can be seen running up the stairs in the background. Camera depth of field is used to blur the background.


DAZ|Studio 4.8
Photoshop CC 2016