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Area 53 Security


Another scene made in DAZ Studio and rendered using the Iray renderer. This began as an attempt to create a distinctive female character by mixing and matching elements from different sets, and then turned into a test of the Quick Iray Outdoor Presets by Dreamlight.

I'm not entirely happy with the lighting here. The presets do a good job of making a bleak, outdoor scene, but at the cost of taking much of the color out of the scene. This is what they're intended to do; they're designed to create a particular look, and it works well. But I don't think I got the lighting quite right. Some of the figure detail is also lost, due to light bloom around the edges of the figure.

I also screwed up the depth of field. I wanted the background buildings to be blurred, but in doing so I lost some detail on the chainlink fence. I should probably have doubled the size of the buildings and moved them farther back to get the effect I wanted.


DAZ|Studio 4.10
Photoshop CC 2016