a gallery of computer-generated images

Dust Troopers


Trying out a composition based on a large figure filling the right side of the frame.

The armored figures are dressed in the excellent Cyber Suit from Xurge3D. The only change to the default texturing was to paste the texture map used for the color channel into the glow channel, to make their eyes glow brightly. I experimented with setting other colors in the glow channel, but the original colors from the map worked best.

The figures are armed with various gun props from different packages. The foreground figure is holding the BASRifle prop from the Major Upgrade package, which is preposterously outsized, but by placing it low in the frame, you can't see that the barrel is about four metres long.

The atmosphere uses Carrara's realistic sky system, with fog switched on. To get an actual fog effect, the camera really needs to be at ground level. One of Tim Payne's sky presets was used as a starting point. The obligatory 'giant planet floating just over the horizon' is a very large sphere placed at a distance and textured with the default Mercury preset. The atmospheric haze helps to blend it into the background and soften the texture.


Carrara 8 Pro