a gallery of computer-generated images

Invasion Force


This image began life as an image designed to showcase products by artist/vendor Mighty Mestophales, who sponsored a contest and then very generously announced that he would be giving away copies of all his products to all entrants. One of the other entrants suggested creating images using the products as a way of saying 'thank you'.

During the discussion of the contest, someone mentioned the free Spuggles character - a kind of cartoon dragon - by Daz3D. I set to work to create an image showing the cartoonish Spuggles disembarking from a spaceship, accompanied by an army made up of Mestophales' ominous war machines. You can see that image here.

For the purposes of this gallery, I decided to make a slightly more serious version of the image, with Spuggles replaced by a uniformed human figure.

The image was modeled and rendered in Carrara. The ranks of machines (and armored humans) make use of Carrara's replicator feature to create multiple copies of a model from a single source instance. The starship hull and landing ramps were modeled and textured in Carrara, and a fog primitive was used to create a misty atmosphere in the landing bay.


Carrara 8 Pro