a gallery of computer-generated images

The Last Battle


The soldier in this scene, wearing the excellent Major Cache armor, was originally set up for use in a different scene, but I ended up replacing him with different figures. I liked the pose, though, so I decided to give him his own scene. Some fiddling with the Carrara realistic sky editor produced a scene with an ominous look that really needed some ruins to set it off.

Conveniently enough, I'd recently bought the Ruined City by sparkyworld, which gave me all the devastated buildings and heaps of rubble that anyone could ask for. The backdrop in this scene is made up of multiple ruins from the set, with a few piles of rubble thrown in for good measure. With the exception of the hotel on the left, which uses the texture included in the set, all the buildings and rubble were retextured using a simple procedural texture in order to fit better with the colors of the scene.


Carrara 7 Pro