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Shock Trooper


This began as a test of the Tactical Assault set. The set includes armor and equipment for both male and female figures, but whereas the male clothing provided includes a full armor vest, the female clothing consists of a somewhat revealing halter top and open-fronted vest. The creator has explained that this was because of the difficulty of modeling armor that would not distort when applied to female figures with different bust sizes.

I wanted to see whether the male armor could be applied to a female figure. I used the Breast Gone morph to shrink the figure's breasts as much as possible before adding the armor (thus accurately simulating the experience of female soldiers who do have to wear body armor designed for their male colleagues). The experiment confirmed what I had hoped to prove, which is that the male armor vest will work acceptably on female figures, although it's necessary to make some minor changes to the geometry.

I added some components from other sets to give the figure an appropriately menacing look, then constructed a background with elements from one of Stonemason’s Rubble sets. The smoke was created using a cloud from another Stonemason set, Iray Clouds, scaled down and brought down to earth.


DAZ|Studio 4.10
Photoshop CC 2019
Intensify CK 2016