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Brunel’s Kingdom


This started from a sample model that I developed as part of a tutorial. The columns in the foreground are all examples of this model. After adding a floor and ceiling and applying textures, I discovered that I had a gallery of some kind with a rather 'retro' look to it.

I then built some bridges and imported them into the scene. The most noteworthy feature of the bridges are the supporting structures that hold up the walkway. The columns are built using Boolean intersection (a single straight cylinder intersected with a series of ellipsoids to create the indentations in the column). The arches are symmetrical lattices. I first drew out the greyscale map in Freehand, then passed the result through Photoshop before importing the map to Bryce to create the arches. The railings on the bridges are stretched rectangles, with textures based on a transparency map created in Freehand.

Once the title of the scene had occurred to me, suggested by the rather Victorian look of the whole scene (for those of you who know your history, I refuse to apologise for the pun), I decided to add a figure with a tophat and cane to stand in for the great engineer. The tophat was a sample model that shipped with RayDream Studio, the figure is a Poser businessman. The figure worked less well close to, so eventually he was exiled to the upper bridge.

The tower with the glass dome roof was the last element of the scene to be added.

I like the details of the scene, but I'm less convinced by the overall composition. Oh well.


Bryce 4
Poser 4
Curious Labs
Photoshop 5.0.2
Freehand 8