a gallery of computer-generated images

The Ring


This image began as a frame for a graphic novel project. It was supposed to illustrate a member of some sinister order of monk-like assassins meditating in a private chamber before going out to commit some sinister assassination.

I abandoned the graphic novel, but I liked the look and feel of the image enough to add it to my 'try again later' folder. I changed the camera angle and repositioned the figure. After the repositioning, it looked as if the figure was watching something, and the ring-like shape of the meditation chamber suggested that it could be some kind of fight.

I decided to go with this idea, and added two more figures. The original figure is probably Michael 3; the newer figures are both Michael 4, but fortunately the disparity in quality isn't obvious in the scene.

The white pattern on the floor is actually created by a gel overhead, but it looks better if interpreted as a pattern on the floor itself. I had to position the figures so that no part of their bodies was too strongly illuminated by the gel, which would break that particular illusion.


Bryce 7 Pro
DAZ|Studio 3