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The Harkonnens


A follow-up image to my earlier portrait of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, this version sees the wicked Baron joined by his equally vile nephew, the na-baron Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen.

The popular image of Feyd-Rautha has been heavily shaped by his portrayal by Sting in David Lynch's film of "Dune", but Sting is about as different from Herbert's description of Feyd-Rautha as it is possible to be. In the book, Feyd-Rautha is described as "a dark-haired youth of about sixteen years, round of face and with sullen eyes" who wears his hair "dressed in close ringlets" and dresses largely in black. The Baron, a noted pederast, considers him 'beautiful'.

I failed to make Feyd-Rautha beautiful, and his face is possibly more angular than Herbert imagined. He does have the right hair, though.

For discussion of my choices with respect to Piter de Vries and the Baron, see the notes on the earlier image.


DAZ|Studio 4.8
Photoshop CC 2016
Intensify CK 2015