Kirsch Planetfall

The Kirsch ship lands on an alien planet.


This was the second of two images commissioned by Paul Kirsch for his book This Way to the Stars, about the possibility of faster-than-light travel.

For the first image, I had already built a starship model according to Paul's specifications. Now I needed to show the starship on the surface of an alien planet.

The starship model had been built in Carrara, so I initially tried to build the whole scene using Carrara. However, I found that I wasn't yet familiar enough with Carrara's terrain modeler and realistic sky editor to get the effects that I wanted. I therefore decided to switch to using Bryce. I exported the model from Carrara in Wavefront OBJ format, imported it into Bryce 6 and took it from there.

The ground on which the ship sits, and the rock outcrops and the mountains in the background are all Bryce terrains. I also added two Bryce stone objects to provide a little detail in the foreground, while the planet rising in the background is a standard sphere. The landing gear for the ship, which was not part of the original model, was constructed in Carrara and added in Bryce. Finally, the two space-suited explorers were posed using Daz Studio, and imported into Bryce.


23 Mar 2008


Bryce 6
Carrara 6 Pro
Daz|Studio 1