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Kirsch Planetfall


This was the second of two images commissioned by Paul Kirsch for his book This Way to the Stars, about the possibility of faster-than-light travel.

For the first image, I had already built a starship model according to Paul's specifications. Now I needed to show the starship on the surface of an alien planet.

The starship model had been built in Carrara, so I initially tried to build the whole scene using Carrara. However, I found that I wasn't yet familiar enough with Carrara's terrain modeler and realistic sky editor to get the effects that I wanted. I therefore decided to switch to using Bryce. I exported the model from Carrara in Wavefront OBJ format, imported it into Bryce 6 and took it from there.

The ground on which the ship sits, and the rock outcrops and the mountains in the background are all Bryce terrains. I also added two Bryce stone objects to provide a little detail in the foreground, while the planet rising in the background is a standard sphere. The landing gear for the ship, which was not part of the original model, was constructed in Carrara and added in Bryce. Finally, the two space-suited explorers were posed using Daz Studio, and imported into Bryce.


Bryce 6
Carrara 6 Pro
DAZ|Studio 1