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Returning Battlecruiser


The spaceship in this image was generated randomly using the online Shapewright spaceship generator. I converted the .wrl file generated by Shapewright for import to Carrara using Blender.

To improve the appearance of the ship, I decorated the basic Shapewright hull using elements from DZFire's Nurnies Greebles Parts and Pieces sets. The hull and the added elements are textured using a Carrara shader. One minor problem is that the bump channel does not seem to have been applied to the hull, possibly because the hull model lacks some data that would be present in a more complex model.

To balance the composition, I added Stonemason's Urban Future in the lower right corner. This rather old model seems to have lost its texture maps during import to Carrara, but that's fine: the sandy color it has acquired from the environment works well with the colors of the image.


Carrara 8.5 Pro
Blender 2