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Starship Crew


Not a very inspired image, this one. I still have a vague general goal of trying to increase the number of images on this site that show people, especially women, wearing practical working clothes, rather than swanning around in the futuristic or barbaric underwear so popular among SF artists and content creators. This qualifies, but it unfortunately falls into another category, which can be described as "insert figure, add building, render, done".

The figure is a Genesis Female, customized by blending a couple of preset characters. The standard Daiyu eyelash transparency map is a little dense for my tastes, so I borrowed a transparency map from Aiko 5. I posed the figure initially in DAZ Studio and then imported it to Carrara for rendering.

The background building is from the ever-useful (and free) "Aliens colonist complex" set by OnTarget3D. I used a depth-of-field effect on the camera to blur the background slightly.


Carrara 8 Pro