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War Face


Because the world needs one more picture of a semi-naked woman holding a big gun.

This was an experiment with DAZ Studio and the Reality export plugin. I was aiming for some kind of fantasy 'warrior babe' theme, with the usual inadequately-dressed cheesecake chick in faux-bondage gear ... but then I put a gun in her hand, and it took a turn for the science-fictional.

The scene was rendered in Lux Render and uses mostly image-based lighting, but there's a single softbox light on the woman to detach her from the background a bit. The camera aperture is set at f/8, with depth-of-field turned on, so that the background blurs.

The terrain outside the windows was created with the Infinito plugin, and the figures in the background are low resolution figures by Predatron.

I don't know what's going on here, but the woman looks mad about something. I think that whoever she's angry at isn't going to have a good day.


DAZ|Studio 4
Reality 2.1.1
LuxRender 0.9
Infinito 1.0
Alessandro Mastronardi